24 November 2015: New article where SPECS in mention among other partners on the Horizon Magazine "World on track for catastrophic warming – forecasters".

7 September 2015: After a very successful International workshop on polar-lower latitude linkages and their role in weather and climate prediction, an outreach document was produced by François Massonnet, our collaborator from Leuven University. You will find it here.

31 August 2015: The agenda for the SPECS fourth GA is here.

19 August 2015: New article about the SPECS project on the EC portal "Sunny days ahead for seasonal-to-decadal climate forecasting"

22 May 2015: It's open the registration for the SPECS fourth general assembly. Register here.

24 April 2015: SPECS members will be present at EC-Earth meeting 5-6 May 2015, in Reading (UK) contributing with posters and talks. This material will be available in the dissemination section.

21 April 2015: SPECS was present at Copernicus Climate Projections Workshop, held from 20 to 21 April 2015 in Reading (UK), you can find the presentation in the dissemination section of this site.

9 April 2015: SPECS has released a series of fact sheets, you can read them here.

30 March 2015: The SPECS fourth General Assembly will take place 15-19 September in Norrköping, Sweden at SMHI. More information here

25-26 March 2015: SPECS participated in ECRA General Assembly , Brussels, Belgium, with the talk ''What are the global impacts of Arctic climate change?'' the presentation is available in the dissemination section of this site.

23 March 2015: SPECS was represented at the "Private Sector Partnership Forum: Climate Services and Decision Support Tools for the Energy Sector" of the World Meteorological Day in Geneva.

21 January 2015: The joint MiKlip/SPECS meeting is going to take place 23-26 February in Germany. The registration is open until 31st of  January 2015. More information here.